Le Maison Forte de Reignac

Noble hideout for 700 years


Built under the escarpment, this cliff-house grows out of the rock into which it is cut and disguises the vast rock shelters that have weathered the great changes in our civilization over more than 20,000 years.

Infinitely larger than you would suspect from the outside, the facade hides impressive underground rooms and lofts, a great hall, a weapons room, kitchen, bedrooms, chapel, dungeons and a storeroom.

In addition to its natural protection, this fortification has many defensive features including a bartizan, murder hole, cannon, and loopholes.
Of exceptional historical interest and jealously closed to the public, La Maison Forte de Reignac was opened for tours in April 2006.
This jewel of our heritage exhibits authentic prehistoric artefacts discovered at the site.

Conserved in an exceptional state and fully furnished in the style of the times, it is the only totally intact “Cliff Château” monument in France.

Self-guided only!

Take your time to discover La Maison Forte de REIGNAC thanks to a signposted, numbered route with all the information displayed in the various rooms.

No reservation necessary for individuals.

New: Game booklet for children aged 5 to 13 (offered while stocks last)


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The exhibitions

In the large rock shelter an exhibition of prehistory:
Presentation of original archaeological pieces from in situ excavations and also copies.
Educational display cases exhibiting materials, tools and weapons illustrating this period.

Located outside La Maison Forte, after the boutique area:
Internationally renowned, an exhibition on the theme of “Torture in the Middle Ages”,
Its aim is to educate visitors about the practice of torture today in the world.


24620 Tursac
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Students (until 25 yo): € 7.10

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Dog on a lead allowed

Themed shop presenting unique objects related to the Maison Forte de Reignac, but also Périgord, nature, the medieval period, fantasy and esotericism. On the menu: books, regional products, decorative objects, copies of weapons, knight figurines, a fine assortment of calligraphy feathers, inkwells, toys, board games, jewelry and personalized memories.

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