Le Bournat

Come explore an authentic Périgord village... as it was in 1900!
Here, time stands still but life is far from immobile. Come meet the villagers of Le Bournat and stroll its lanes rebuilt from the original cobbles and stone of Périgord.
Visit the school, enjoy the festival rides of its day, explore the marshes, stroke the farm animals, meet the craftsmen showcasing the talents of yesteryear. Climb the windmill and taste the bread baked right here onsite. Taste the vegetables from our kitchen garden and our local produce at the “Chez Paul” restaurant.
A countryside stroll full of discoveries and family enjoyment in a unique leisure park: everything laid on for a joyful, warm experience of the best of France.
Wishing you happy time-travel!

Nighttime: Every Wednesday in summer, from 8 July to 26 August inclusive, nighttime at Le Bournat is magic, the lighting brings out the features of the site, the atmosphere is festive...


Access to the old carousels and traditional fairground
Free delights for the entire family

Rediscover or try your hand at forgotten skills. Le Bournat offers specialist instructors in the various practical workshops:
Workshops: calligraphy – wood sculpting by knife – basketweaving

Throughout the day you will meet, everywhere in the village, burlesque characters inspired by early 20th century films... for you to experience the stories and legends of old and just have fun. You will also see our shepherd and his dog herding sheep.

Every Wednesday evening in summer. Nighttime at Le Bournat is magic, the lighting brings out the features of the site, fanfares play, the fairground is full and always: the artisans, the “Chez Paul” restaurant and all the carousels.
EVENINGS every Wednesday 11 July to 29 August inclusive.

191 Allée Paul Jean Souriau
24260 Le Bugue sur Vézère
Tél. 05 53 08 41 99 / Fax 05 53 08 42 01

Un des attraits les plus remarquables du village, est le nombre d'artisans qui y travaillent et font revivre sous vos yeux de nombreux métiers devenus très rares. Leur convivialité vous étonnera. Certains d’entre eux ont prévu d’animer des ateliers et de vous transmettre leur savoir-faire.

The Baker comes specially to bake bread in his stone oven right before your eyes. Tasting sessions.

Basketweaving, interwoven sheaves of wheat... items and trinkets made by nimble fingers. And now, your turn to try!

The Master Blacksmith, no one can do it like him: in a snap, old-style nails and lucky-charm horseshoes.

The Cutler, can create decorations on the back of a knife or blade... bold patters appreciated by our grandparents will make your knives unique.

The Potter, and her hands gradually shape pitchers, vases, jars, which she then decorates skilfully. You can learn to “throw” from her if your heart tells you to.

The Glassblower and many more...

• In summer, workshops run daily at various times. Please ask at reception.  

Open 28 March to 30 September 2015
April – May – June – September: 10am-6pm.
July – August: 10am-7pm