La Roque Saint Christophe

The largest and oldest cave dwelling site in the West.

Halfway between Eyzies and Montignac-Lascaux, in the Vézère Valley, stands the tall cliff of Roque St Christophe.
This immense wall of limestone one kilometre long and 80 metres high, is dotted with a hundred caves and long lofty terraces.

These natural caves were occupied by man in prehistoric times then modified to become a fortress and a city in the Middle Ages.
The tour of Roque St Christophe gives you an accurate idea of the lifestyle of our troglodyte ancestors throughout the millennia.

A jewel of troglodyte architecture
Here is where history takes root, in the heart of the rock reflected in the waters of the Vézère before reaching to the sky, where the human adventure began in Périgord 55,000 years ago. The many archeological remains found in these places testify to a massive occupation, from the mid-Paleolithic, through the Neolothic, the bronze age, iron age, Gallo-Roman times, the Middle Ages, right up to the start of the Renaissance.

Continuously valued by the people of the countryside, Roque Saint Christophe offered a magnificent lookout over the Valley. Its wild and natural beauty has been preserved, which has made its reputation. Bathed in the light and dark created by the age-old interplay between rock and vegetation, the cliff is imbued with the spirit of those who found refuge there through the centuries.

From the rocky shelters occupied by our distant prehistoric ancestors to the fortified medieval constructions, the inhabitants of the cliff have etched their marks. There remain to this day many traces along the terraces and on all the trails on the tour.
Hoisting machinery, rebuilt faithfully, and information panels help to visualize the lifestyle of old at this site.



Easter holidays, Ascension and Pentecost (Whitsun) weekend, summer holidays::

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• Guided tours and demonstration of hoisting machinery at 11:15am and 3:15pm daily excluding Saturdays

New: Brand-new presentation for the tour and film showing the cliff dwelling has evolved from Prehistoric times to the Renaissance.


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The guided tour covers the various remarkable points in greater depth. From April to the end of September. Contact us for tour times, no booking required.

> Guided tour + Demonstration of medieval hoisting machines :
Roque-Saint-Christophe has many reconstructions of civil engineering machines.
Try your hand at operating them. See our events schedule.

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