Aquarium du Périgord Noir

The Black-Périgord Aquarium, with more than 3 million litres of water and more than 6,000 fish, is undoubtedly the largest private, freshwater, open-air aquarium.

You will find the kings of our rivers (pike, perch, sturgeon...) as well as tropical fish (discus, gouramies, piranhas...) with 300 metres of viewing windows.
With their living conditions and light, a natural aquatic fairyland, they make a magnificent tour.
And educational too, as the Aquarium Park offers optional guided tours by a biologist.

Activities throughout the day
   • Feeding fish with the help of biologists
   • Feeding and diving with sturgeon
   • Reptile activities and feeding: snakes and/or iguanas
• And lots of other surprises await... for young and old


To celebrate its 25 years, the Aquarium du Périgord Noir invites you to visit “Alligator Park” where you will discover the world of Jo McClack, the famous Alligator Hunter turned avid defender of these incredible animals. Over more than 1,000 square metres, you will tour Jo’s House, his observation space “The Alligator Ranch”, and cross the “alligator bayou” with its nursery area. Alligator Park is also: "The Lizard Corridor", "Turtle Beach", "The Snake Pit", "The Iguana Enclosure".

Yacumama the “Mother of Waters” for the Indians of Peru, and Matatoro the "Bull Killer" for the conquistadores, the redoubtable Anaconda was also called the “warrior snake of the waves" by Amazon Indians. It guards the Quechan treasure in the Iguana park. Come have a staring contest...

Come see the green eyes of the Cayman crocodile.
You can see it swim among a myriad of fish.
This efficient predator lives in competition with the anaconda. Both reptiles live in the same swamps in South America.

The Aquarium Park also has a Glacier Bar, a souvenir shop, free parking with 300 spaces, and easy access for the disabled.
For more information, to get the most out of your visit, feel free to contact us.

Visit Le Bournat and the Aquarium within 24 hours and get a €1 reduction per person. Offer is valid from April to September: the second site must be visited within 24 hours of the first.


With more than 200 m of viewing windows, you can experience underwater life... The Aquarium Park of Black Périgord... A place with non-stop activities.
- Diving: The fascinating spectacle of diving into schools of carp and sturgeon will leave you with unforgettable memories.
- Feeding: Help the biologists give the fish their daily feed.
- Reptile activities and feeding Snakes and/or iguanas
- Fun discovery route: Learn more by following a trail with fun activities along the way.

Times: Contact us!

And lots of other surprises await... For young and old


Allée Paul-Jean Souriau - BP 31

24260 Le Bugue sur Vézère

Tél. 05 53 07 10 74 / Fax 05 53 07 64 07



The Aquarium Park of Black Périgord is designed to be both educational and fun.

The tour is designed as a stroll along the various constructed watercourses: promoting aquatic diversity is a constant focus of the Black-Périgord Aquarium.

At the lake stream, the visitor learns more about the inhabitants of our watercourses thanks to a series of illuminated information boards.

Smartvisit : Connect via WiFi to “smart visit”, no password needed and totally free, launch your browser and start the tour using your smartphone or tablet.

Open from 7 February to 11 November.
12 February – March – October – 11 November: 2pm to 6pm except Sundays 10am to 6pm
April – May – June  September: 10am to 6pm
July - August: 10am to 10pm